Terms and Conditions

Term of Agreement Procedure and Renewal. 

I agree to be active in weekly zoom trainings and in the Facebook group by actively commenting and asking questions on posts I have read. I also understand that there is a $10 monthly sales requirement to stay active. I understand this is a business which requires follow up and daily work to get sales in which I am paid commission on the sales I get.

The term of this Agreement is one month. The Independent Brand Designer Agreement will renew on a month-to-month basis. Independent Brand Designer may cancel this Agreement at any time, and for any reason, upon written notice to the Company at its principal business address or via the appropriate electronic address. The Company may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Policies and Procedures. Moreover, the Company may also take actions short of termination of the Agreement should you breach any of the provisions found in this Agreement, the Policies and Procedures, or the Company Compensation Plan. 

The Independent Brand Designer declares to be over the age of 18 years, to have the full capacity to enter into contracts and to not be legally prohibited from practicing a profession or business activity, and to reside in the country (USA) that it has mentioned in the registration form.  

Submission of Electronic W-9. Under penalty of perjury, I certify that (1) the number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number (or I am waiting for a number to be issued to me), and (2), I am not subject to backup withholding because: (a) I am exempt from backup withholding, or (b) I have not been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interest or dividends, or (c) the IRS has notified me that I am no longer subject to backup withholding, and (3) I am a U.S. Citizen or other U.S. person. 

Independent Contractor Status. You agree this authorization does not make you an employee, agent, or legal representative of the Company or your Sponsoring Independent Brand Designer. As a self-employed independent contractor, you will be operating your own independent business, buying and selling products available through the Company on and for your own account. You have complete freedom in determining the number of hours that you will devote to your business, and you have the sole discretion of scheduling such hours. You will receive IRS Form 1099-MISC reflecting the amount of income paid to you during the calendar year. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to receive the 1099-MISC form via electronically. It will be your sole responsibility to account for such income on your individual income tax returns.  

The Independent Brand Designer is free to determine the methods of exercise of its activity and to determine its working hours under this Contract as well as these General Terms of Distribution.  

The Independent Brand Designer is responsible for training and providing assistance to all other Independent Brand Designer of its team and undertakes to maintain regular communication for this purpose, in verbal and written form.  

The Independent Brand Designer receives commissions for their follow-up, facilitation and training of their referrals without there being any relationship of subordination between them. The Company draws the Independent Brand Designer attention to the importance of training for the exercise of its activity 

 -Obligations of the Brand Designer-  

The Independent Brand Designer acknowledges that it has not received any income guarantee or any guarantee of profit or success. No statement has been made by Cool Girl Squad or a sponsor regarding guaranteed profits or projected revenues as a result of an Independent Brand Designer efforts.  

The Independent Brand Designer shall not declare, directly or indirectly, that anyone may earn or will earn any amount, net or gross, or that it is easy to obtain or retain the sponsorship of another Independent Brand Designer, or that another Independent Brand Designer or some of them will be successful.  

Presenting the Plan. You agree when presenting the Company Compensation Plan to present it in its entirety as outlined in official Company materials, emphasizing that sales to end consumers are required to receive compensation in the form of bonuses on downline volume. In presenting the plan to prospects, you agree not to utilize any literature, materials or aids not produced or specifically authorized in writing by the Company. You agree to instruct all prospective Independent Brand Designer to review the Company Income Disclaimer statement 

The Independent Brand Designer thus agrees:  

  • to not indicate that the Independent Brand Designer’ commissions are guaranteed or obtained without work.  
  • to not make promises of illusory profits and to not present network development as a simple increase in the workforce and income.  

The Independent Brand Designer exercises its activity of sale and facilitation with third parties without any consideration of gender, assumed or actual affiliation with a race, an ethnic or religious or spiritual group, or a political opinion. It undertakes in particular to inform the Company about any act contrary to this provision that is brought to its attention in the course of its activity.  


The Independent Brand Designer is declared to be responsible for their own activity and is not a partner, legal representative or employee of Cool Girl Squad Independent Brand Designer shall not claim to be a partner or a legal representative of Cool Girl Squad or of any party with which Cool Girl Squad carries out operations and will not have the status of employee, whether for legal or tax purposes. Cool Girl Squad will not be liable for any debt subscribed by the Independent Brand Designer, regardless of its nature or origin, whether or not the corresponding obligation arose during the term of this Contract.  


The Company may immediately terminate an Independent Brand Designer who discredits the Company's name, violates any requirement contained in this Agreement, or misrepresents the Company's products or business opportunity by making statements or claims other than those set forth in official Company publications, product literature and product labels.  

Cool Girl Squad additionally reserves the right to terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days’ notice to the Independent Brand Designer in the event that Cool Girl Squad elects to:  

(a) cease business operations;  

(b) dissolve as a business entity; or  

(c) terminate the distribution of its products via a direct selling channel.  

Cool Girl Squad also reserves the right to terminate this Agreement if Independent Brand Designer relocates or changes their permanent residence to outside the United States.  


 We will provide free graphics, any of the graphics found with our logo are free to use. If you use a Cool Girl Squad graphic to promote another company you will be given a warning, if you are sent three warnings, we will deactivate your account.  

We do not allow drama within our group, the first time you will be muted, any time after will result in dismissal from our affiliate program.  

We ask that you comment under proper places, if this is not done your comment will be removed. We want our group to remain a safe space and informative for all.   

Confidential Information.  

Independent Brand Designer acknowledges that Cool Girl Squad may provide Independent Brand Designer with proprietary or non-public information and reports relating to Independent Brand Designer’s sales activity, other Independent Brand Designers, Products or customers (“Confidential Information”). Confidential Information shall include, but not be limited to, downline reports and compilations generated by Cool Girl Squad that are made available to Independent Brand Designer, contact and earnings information of other Independent Brand Designers, sales information, forecasts, projections or other materials furnished or prepared by Cool Girl Squad for Independent Brand Designer’s use.  

  1. Independent Brand Designer acknowledges that Cool Girl Squad is the sole owner of any and all Confidential Information provided to Independent Brand Designer pursuant to this Agreement. In this regard, Independent Brand Designer shall:  

(i) not directly or indirectly divulge, disclose, disseminate, distribute, license, sell, use or otherwise make known any Confidential Information to any third party or person or entity not expressly authorized or permitted by Cool Girl Squad to receive such Confidential Information;  

(ii) use best efforts to prevent disclosure of any Confidential Information to any third party and exercise the highest degree of care and discretion in accordance with all express duties hereunder to prevent the same; and  

(iii) not directly or indirectly make any use whatsoever of the Confidential Information, except for purposes of performing services under this Agreement.  

  1. The parties each acknowledge that the restrictions in this paragraph are reasonable efforts of Cool Girl Squad to protect and maintain the Confidential Information. The obligation of Independent Brand Designer regarding confidentiality shall survive for so long as Cool Girl Squad may, in its sole discretion, consider the Confidential Information to be confidential.  
  2. If you start your own company to where you are paying out commission your account with Cool Girl Squad will no longer be active.  
  3. If you purchase wholesale items from us and post them onto your own branded website you may not use any graphics Cool Girl Squad provides, doing so will result in automatic termination.  
  4. You may not profit off of merchandise made by you or anyone else that contains the Cool Girl Squad logo or name.  \  
  5. We also do not allow any advertising or reselling our product on any website, auction or marketplace type websites such as eBay, Etsy, or amazon.  
  6. The obligations of the Independent Brand Designer under this section shall survive termination of this Agreement. 

            Independent Brand Designer shall not directly or indirectly utilize Confidential Information in connection with any other business or commercial venture or the marketing or promotion of another company’s products or services. Similarly, Independent Brand Designer shall not directly or indirectly utilize Confidential Information to solicit other Independent Brand Designers or customers to join another direct sales company or purchase products or services from another company. 

            Company Proprietary Information and Trade Secrets. You recognize and agree that, as further set forth in the Policies and Procedures, information compiled by or maintained through the Company, including Line of Sponsorship (LOS) information (i.e., information that discloses or relates to all or part of the specific arrangement of sponsorship within the business including, without limitation, Independent Brand Designer lists, sponsorship trees, and all Independent Brand Designer personal and business information generated therefrom, in its present or future forms), constitutes a commercially advantageous, unique and proprietary trade secret of the Company, which it keeps as proprietary and confidential and treats as a trade secret. During the term of your contract with the Company, you have a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use trade secret, confidential, and proprietary business information (“Proprietary Information”), which includes, without limitation, LOS (lines of sponsorship) information, business reports, manufacturing and product developments, 


            -Representation of the company-  

            The Independent Brand Designer shall refrain from expressing views on behalf of Cool Girl Squad, about its products or services, through interviews or articles on television, radio or in any media, print or otherwise, unless it is with the prior written consent of Cool Girl Squad.  

            -Pages and groups-   

            You may not promote Cool Girl Squad with another Jewelry, Accessories and Nail company in the same group or page.   

            - Poaching  

            We do not allow poaching of any kind. If you are with a company and message Cool Girl Squad Independent Brand Designer to get them to join you, your account will be terminated. If at any time you have been turned in for sharing information within our group to anyone not affiliated with Cool Girl Squad your account will be deactivated. You may not profit off of merchandise made by you or anyone else that contains the Cool Girl Squad logo or name. You may make your own items or source someone to make them for you, we do not require approval to do so.   

            Non-Solicitation Agreement. In accordance with the Policies and Procedures, you agree that during the period while you are an Independent Brand Designer, and for one (1) calendar year following resignation, nonrenewal, or termination of your business, you will not encourage, solicit, or otherwise attempt to recruit or persuade any other Cool Girl Squad Independent Brand Designer to compete with the business. 


            It is company policy to strictly prohibit the purchase of product or large quantities of inventory in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for bonuses or advancement in the Compensation Plan. Independent Brand Designers may not inventory load nor encourage other Independent Brand Designers to purchase large quantities of Inventory.  

            -Commission Payments  

            All other payments that the Brand Designer will receive are based on the fulfilment of certain qualifying conditions defined in the Compensation Plan. In order to receive the commissions, the Brand Designer will have to focus on selling the products to customers who are not members of the Cool Girl Squad network.  


            All reps are paid every week to PayPal or Cash App as long as you have accrued $25 in compensation. If you choose Papal payments there will be a fee per payout. This fee is taken by PayPal  

            -Discount Code  

            Please note if you do not use the special 25off discount code you waive commission on personal orders.   

            When ordering via the website you will need to create an account, this does not transfer from the back office.   

            This code is only for active reps and it is NOT to be shared. When you order as a rep the system looks for the name, address and email. If this matches any of these three your commission will automatically show $0 for your orders.   

             If for some reason the website generates a payout it will be zeroed out within 24-72 hours and a note of "personal order" will be put with that payout.   

             -Website Fees-  

             Basic Website is FREE. 

            If you wish to see your downline and other info you must pay the $30 premium plan.   

            -chain of command-  

            1- group search: most of the time your answer can be found within the group. We highly recommend this as your first step to finding an answer.   

            2- upline: if you are unable to find your answer within the group, head to your upline.   

            3- email: if you are unable to get your answer from the group or your upline please email! If your question is about an order or commission please skip the first 2 steps and just email!   

            If there is a problem please do not message the owner on Facebook, the quickest way for a reply is via email. We do not discuss business matters via group or PM.   coolgirlsquad2021@gmail.com

            Owner Mary Claridy  

            Trainer LaShanta Magnusson  


            - To keep our product prices low, no fees and a high commission we run our company a small team. This means that emails may take up to 72 hours to reply too, if there is a weekend or holiday the delay may be even longer. We try our hardest to reply as soon as we can. When you or customers email, we need as much information as possible. Name, order number and issue will be the three things that we need emailed to us or it could cause a delayed reply.   


            As long as inventory is moving, we will have releases every Friday. We will make a post with what will be released.   

            -Social Media Independent Brand Designer group-   

            -Our Independent Brand Designer group is full of information, training and support. In these groups we want everyone to feel welcomed and supported so we will not allow drama or negativity. Since we will always be open for recruitment, we will always have new reps coming into the groups who need to feel welcomed and supported.  

            Our group is for Independent Brand Designers only. Anything we post that is a release may be shared with customers. We ask that you leave questions in the appropriate spot to make the group flow better. We do not discuss commission or order questions within our group.   

             Party set up:   

            -To set up a party you will need to email us with a 24-hour notice of when your party is starting. We will give you a special link to use. As a company we will cover host rewards for 7 days, anything that goes beyond the 7 days will be up to the rep to provide rewards for. Once your party is over you will need to contact us.  Our host rewards are 10% of the total sales.  

            As of right now USPS is delayed which could unfortunately result in your package being delayed by up to 15 days on just being scanned in. We are hoping things go back to normal and transit is done quickly again.  

            Selling Product. You agree to make no representations or claims about any products beyond those shown on product labels and/or in official Company literature and supporting materials. In particular, no Independent Brand Designer may make any claim that Company products are useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation or prevention of any diseases. 

            Links and making sure they track to you:   

            -When you join you are given a back-office log in link, this link needs to be saved or book marked to the device you use. This link will be where your links to the company are.  

            -Your referral link will be the link that directs you and your customers to your website shop. When you or customers want to shop you/they must make a customer account by logging into, the website with your link.  When you or customers are shopping you want to make sure your name is showing on the website. If this is not showing you or customers need to exit, clear cashe and click the link again.    

            -For you and customers to properly use your shopping and join links you need to have your link posted somewhere. Chat, group, Facebook, email or similar. Your link needs to be clicked and not copy and pasted into the browser. The links need static to track fully and that will only work with you and customers clicking the link.   

             Images / Recordings / Consents. You agree to permit the Company to obtain photographs, videos, and other recorded media of you or your likeness. You acknowledge and agree to allow any such recorded media to be used by the Company for any lawful purpose, and without compensation. 


            Important Links 

            Affiliate Portal 


            Affiliate Login Page 


            Affiliate Signup Page 



            Remedial Actions.  

            Cool Girl Squad reserves the right to take remedial action as necessary to enforce the terms of this Agreement and ensure appropriate conduct by Independent Brand Designers. Breach of this Agreement or any illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business conduct by Independent Brand Designer may result, in Cool Girl Squad discretion, in one or more of the following:   

            (i) a written warning;   

            (ii) requirement that Independent Brand Designer take immediate corrective measures;   

            (iii) loss of rights to purchase Cool Girl Squad products at discount prices or receive future commissions and bonuses;   

            (iv) suspension of Independent Brand Designer’s right to engage in Cool Girl Squad business;   

            (v) termination of this Agreement; or   

            (vi) any other ©2020-2021 Cool Girl Squad by Yams and Hot Sauce LLC measure or action that Cool Girl Squad, in its sole discretion, determines to be appropriate. Written notice of any remedial action shall be sent to Independent Brand Designer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The remedies described in this paragraph are cumulative and Cool Girl Squad reserves the right to pursue all available remedies at law including the institution of legal proceedings for monetary or equitable relief.  

            It is expressly understood that as an Independent Brand Designer I will be an independent contractor who is responsible for my own business activities with sole control over the manner and means of my performance under this Agreement. As an Independent Brand Designer, I shall have the right to sell the products and services offered by the Company in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. I am solely responsible for setting my work hours and for paying expenses incurred by me in the operation of my Cool Girl Squad business. I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OR AGENT OF COOL GIRL SQUAD AND I WILL NOT BE TREATED AS AN EMPLOYEE FOR FEDERAL OR STATE INCOME TAX PURPOSES.  

            I acknowledge that Cool Girl Squad is not responsible for income withholding and that it will not withhold or deduct any tax from any compensation I receive from Cool Girl Squad commissions or bonuses.  

            As an independent contractor, the Independent Brand Designer is responsible for  

            (i) abiding by any and all federal, state, county and local laws, rules and regulations pertaining to this Agreement and/or the acquisition, receipt, holding, selling, distributing or advertising of Cool Girl Squad Company products;  

            (ii) at the Independent Brand Designer's own expense, filing all such reports and obtaining such licenses as are required by law or public authority with respect to this Agreement and/or the receipt, holding, selling, distributing or advertising of Cool Girl Squad Company products; and  

            (iii) declaration and payment of all local, state and federal taxes as may accrue because of the Independent Brand Designer's activities in connection with this Agreement. This Agreement does not constitute a sale of a franchise and this Agreement is not intended and shall not be construed to create a partnership or joint venture between Cool Girl Squad and the Independent Brand Designer.  

            Time Limitation. If an Independent Brand Designer wishes to bring an action against the Company for any act or omission relating to or arising from the Agreement, such action must be brought within one (1) year from the date of the alleged conduct giving rise to the cause of action. You waive all claims by which any other statutes of limitations may apply. 

            Jurisdiction and Governing Law. The formation, construction, interpretation, and enforceability of your contract with the Company as set forth in this Agreement and any incorporated documents shall be governed by and interpreted in all respects under the laws of the State of North Carolina without regard to conflict of law provisions.   

            Dispute Resolution. All disputes and claims relating to the Company, its products and services, the rights and obligations of an Independent Brand Designer, or any other claims or causes of action relating to theperformance of either an Independent Brand Designer or the Company under the Agreement or the Company Policies and Procedures shall be settled totally and finally by arbitration (as enumerated in the Policies and Procedures). Arbitration shall take place in Kannapolis, North Carolina, or such other location as the Company prescribes, in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act and the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, except that all parties shall be entitled to discovery rights allowed under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Additionally, you agree not to initiate or participate in any class action proceeding against Yams and Hot Sauce * Cool Girl Squad*, whether in a judicial or mediation or arbitration proceeding, and you waive all rights to become a member of any certified class in any lawsuit or proceeding. This agreement to arbitrate shall survive any termination or expiration of the Agreement. Nothing in the Agreement shall prevent the Company from applying to and obtaining from any court having jurisdiction a writ of attachment, garnishment, temporary injunction, preliminary injunction, permanent injunction or other equitable relief available to safeguard and protect its interest prior to, during or following the filing of any arbitration or other proceeding or pending the rendition of a decision or award in connection with any arbitration or other proceeding. 

            Modification of Terms. With the exception of the dispute resolution section in Policies and Procedures, which can only be modified by way of mutual consent, the terms of this Agreement may be modified as specified in Rule 1 in the Policies and Procedures. 

            I understand that this Independent Brand Designer Agreement is subject to acceptance by Cool Girl Squad. Upon acceptance by Cool Girl Squad, the terms and conditions contained in this Independent Brand Designer Agreement, together with the Cool Girl Squad Policies and Procedures (the “Policies and Procedures”), Privacy Policy and the Cool Girl Squad Compensation Plan (the “Compensation Plan”), all of which are incorporated into this Independent Brand Designer Agreement by reference, shall constitute the entire agreement (the “Agreement”) between Cool Girl Squad and myself.